Blade For Fight

Project information

  • Category: Video Game
  • Developer: Yasin Kucuker
  • Project date: 20 Jan, 2020
  • Project URL: Gameplay
  • Theme: Repair

The year is 2242. Humanity has gone extinct from constant wars and climate change. Before they went extinct, they created robots for their needs. Now that the robots have lost their guidance and no more humans remain, they have created their own society built on their own selfish needs. Robots fight each other for scraps and parts, repairing themselves from the constant fighting. It is an endless cycle of violence for the robots who only want to continue living. The green robot wields a greatsword in search of parts he uses to repair his broken body. He has a workshop he uses as his home. It is in there where he repairs himself with the parts of any robot unfortunate enough to meet him.